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47th Music Kitchen Performance: The David Bixler Quintet at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen September 8, 2010

[47th Music Kitchen Performance: The David Bixler Quintet at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen on September 8, 2010]

Violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins, Founder and President of Music Kitchen: Food for the Soul sends AfriClassical this news:

“Dear Friends of Music Kitchen,
It has been a busy season of performing and travel for me so I would like to catch you up on the wonderful performances we have had so far this season. We had an exciting Gala Evening on December 21st! Over 200 people attended the event and there were inspiring performances generously donated by featured artists pianist Emanuel Ax and violinist/composer Mark O'Connor. The evening was indeed filled with music. I want to thank all of the featured artists of the evening: Emanuel Ax, Mark O'Connor, Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing, The David Bixler Jazz Quintet, violinist Daniel Khalikov, violist Gillian Gallagher, and cellist Alexis Gerlach. Thank you again to all of you who attended the event or supported it in any way!

“Music Kitchen also presented the Brahms G major Sextet at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in the fall for their Open Doors Fundraiser, benefitting the social programs in residence at the church. This performance was another opportunity to give the larger community a window into Music Kitchen performances and to thank Holy Trinity for their support!” I am happy to announce that Music Kitchen has crossed a major landmark: presenting more than 50 performances since 2005!

47th Music Kitchen Performance
The David Bixler Quintet
Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen
September 8, 2010

David Bixler, alto saxophone; Heather Bixler, violin
Arturo O’Farrill, piano; Roland Guerrero, percussion,
Carlo DeRosa, bass; Vince Cherico, drums

On a beautiful sunny September morning, we had a Music Kitchen ‘Jazz Café’ with David Bixler’s Jazz-Irish fusion band Auction Project. This was the first time Music Kitchen has presented a jazz ensemble at Holy Apostles and I believe it was a big hit. For me, the idea of going to a famous jazz club or even a casual cafe featuring a jazz group is a frequent experience and welcome soundtrack to my life. That this is not likely a frequent experience for many of today’s listeners hit me poignantly. But I’m happy to report that in another Music Kitchen reversal, today’s listeners got a wonderful advanced hearing over the concert-going public since this group debuted their evening CD release event here for Music Kitchen listeners! As the band set up and warmed up, many seemed eager with anticipation. As I walked from table to table introducing myself, handing out colored note cards, one gentleman said, “I’m enjoying it already - this is the best thing to ever happen to this place.” After the group started, I gradually began to recognize that newcomers eagerly searched for seating close to the ensemble. As soon as one place would be vacated, a new contented listener would fill his or her spot with others searching for the next nearest place.

Many listeners delved more deeply into the music, “Wow- they have some really heavy hitter players up there!” said one, “Wow - the jazz has some Irish tunes in it,” said another. One gentleman, even though the group had just barely begun to play, said “Please come back! This is such a blessing.” Since many people either recognized me from other performances or noticed me walking around taking pictures from different perspectives, they sought out my gaze in order to give me a thumbs up. It’s nice to occasionally take a break from doing the performances so that I can enjoy these interactions in addition to the music. One of the best verbal comments of the day? “I’m loving it - I don’t want to leave.” Following numerous occasions of rallying applause for the various solos, the listeners stayed till the last note was played to send the group off with warm, enthusiastic applause.

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