Friday, March 4, 2011

eBay: 'The Atonement, A Sacred Cantata' (1903); Music by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), Afro-British Composer

[Samuel Coleridge-Taylor]

An eBay posting dated March 3, 2011 offers a leather-bound copy of The Atonement, A Sacred Cantata. The music is by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), an Afro-British composer and conductor who is profiled at The author of the text is Alice Parsons:

RARE Samuel Coleridge Taylor
The Atonement
A Sacred Cantata
Words written by Alice Parsons
The music composed by S. Coleridge-Taylor (Op. 53.)
London: Novello and Company, Limited
Novello Ewer and Company, New York
Copyright 1903

A rare treat indeed.
This book is leather bound with gold leafed pages (edges). The book is a burgundy color. The flash of the camera lightens the actual color of the book. Condition: The leather is torn in various places in the binding (see photos). When I open the book in the first pages you can hear the binding "separating" (see photos 5 and 6); however the pages in the middle of the book are intact.

It is fragile, but considering there are no torn pages; excluding the pages to the binding area. The book is written in: It appears to be a gift from one person to another, possibly reads: "dated feb 25 1904 from Prof. W Carpenter from his sincere friend (can't make out) L. Swan

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