Friday, June 12, 2020

New Blog "5 Questions with a Musician" Interview with Cynthia Cozette Lee, Composer

Dr. Cynthia Cozette Lee

(PHILADELPHIA, PA-JUNE 12, 2020):  “5 Questions with a Musician” is an exciting new blog created by Missy Curl, soprano, music writer and teacher. The blog this week features an interview with Dr. Cynthia Cozette Lee, a distinguished Black American contemporary classical music composer. The award-winning composer shares her life story about how she became a professional composer after growing up in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with a rich classical music experience.
The award winning composer also discusses her music influences being the music of R. Nathaniel Dett, William Grant Still, Samuel Barber and Gian Carlo Menotti and the obstacles   she faces as a contemporary African American classical musician. The composer mentions during the interview:

We need American student composers not giving up on writing the stories of our Black experience in classical art forms. If Marian Anderson or Paul Robeson or composers Julia Perry or William Grant Still had given up then there would be no Cynthia Cozette Lee, the first Black person to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Arts degree in music composition.

You can access the blog and read the complete interview with Dr. Lee by following one of the links below:

For more information contact the composer, Cynthia Cozette Lee, at Email:
Or contact the blog creator, Missy Curl at Facebook: 5 Questions with a Musician

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