Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Pictures: OperaCréole's Washington, D.C., performance with CAAPA


Our partnership with CAAPA, (The Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts) based in D.C.,was a successful and enjoyable experience.
Semi-staged scenes from our original Gambit Classical Arts Awards winning opera:  Les Lions de la Reconstruction (The Lions of Reconstruction): From Black Codes to The Ballot Box 
were enthusiastically received by the audience!
The performance was also sponsored in part by New Orleans Opera through an Innovations grant from Opera America.
We are thankful to CAAPA, Publick Playhouse, and New Orleans Opera for the opportunity!

Here are some photos:

Pamela Simonson

Dirge of St. Malo

Aria Intro

Les Lions Scene I

Les Lions Scene I

Les Lions Scene II

Les Lions Scene III

Les Lions Scene IV

Les Lions Finale

Les Lions is an opera in one act and will be expanding to two, It is a work in progress!
Now that we have traveled with it, we can come to your city as well! 
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