Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Join the NAACP for a once-in-a-lifetime trip from Jamestown, Virginia to Ghana

Eris Sims writes:

No experience will ever compare to the first time that I visited Ghana.

The people. The culture. The history. Every aspect of this resilient nation in the heart of West Africa honed in the reality that we are descended from a proud people wrought by tradition, power and excellence. It was truly a profound experience.

This summer, from August 18-25, join the NAACP for a once-in-a-lifetime trip as we commemorate the Year of Return and make the journey from Jamestown, Virginia to Jamestown, Accra, Ghana. By connecting our history and legacy to our present existence, we stand to bring healing and collective unity to our communities in America, Africa and throughout the diaspora.

From a prayer vigil in Jamestown, Virginia, to an African ancestry reveal at the Door of No Return in Ghana, journey with us as we retrace our ancestors’ steps from their homeland to the new world.


  • Special visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture designed by Ghanaian architect Sir David Adjaye on the National Mall before departing to Ghana.
  • Welcome by local chiefs, politicians, community leaders and the traditional council of Jamestown, Accra, Ghana.
  • Workshops from leaders about business, development, and investment in Ghana.
  • Tour of the Cape Coast Castle slave dungeons, and the West African Heritage Museum.
  • Tour of W.E.B. Du Bois Center and other key museums and monuments in Ghana.
Click here for the full itinerary.

No matter how much time we’ve spent away, there is no place like home.

Bra Fie (Come Home),

Eris Sims
Chief of Staff

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