Friday, June 14, 2019

Kelly Hall-Tompkins: Music Kitchen "Forgotten Voices" MAY Premiere #5

Music Kitchen Special Project

"Forgotten Voices" - A Song Cycle Commission Celebrating 18,000 Homeless Shelter Clients,
100 Concerts
and The Upcoming 15th Season
 ~ Featuring Incidental Text by Homeless Shelter Clients
Set By 15 Composers ~
***Premiering One Song Each Month for 15 Months in a Selected Shelter
Through March 2020***

It puts a lump in my throat each 
time we read these new works 
for the first time and 
especially when we perform 
them for the shelter clients.  
The songs are each so unique 
in how they bring these 
'forgotten voices' to life.  
Artistically for me, it is 
also an incredible journey to 
premiere a new piece every 
month! And to get to know 
each of these amazing 
composers through the lens 
of their work and this new 
thematic avenue is exciting.  
This month is a deeply 
inspiring stop on that 
journey as I am just 
thrilled to present the work 
of Pulitzer, Rome and 
Guggenheim Prize-winning 
composer Paul Moravec.  
Most of the song cycle 
texts are written comments, 
but the one we feature in 
the song "Music is Love" 
is drawn from an audio 
recording of the listener's 
sentiments. I am 
delighted to welcome the 
wonderful soprano 
Adrienne Danrich to join 
this project.  When will 
you get to hear these 
pieces, you ask?  Stay 
tuned because these 
15 months of shelter 
premieres will culminate 
in a public premiere 
of the complete song cycle. 
I am so excited as I look 
forward to amplifying the 
clients' voices for the 
broader public.  But 
more on that coming soon!  
We have 10 more months 
of first venerating and 
uplifting our shelter 
clients in their environment 
by showing them we hear 
and understand. 
I am also thrilled to share 
the news that our 15th and 
final composer for 
"Forgotten Voices" is Ellen 
Taaffe Zwilich.  In addition 
to being a stunning 
composer, she also 
happens to be the first 
female composer to win 
the Pulitzer Prize.
Many thanks to our new 
donors, including Pop 
star icon and LGBTQ 
Homeless Youth Activist 
Cyndi Lauper!  Please see 
below for a picture.  There 
are so many more 
exciting developments 
happening, please stay 
tuned for news!  You make 
this all possible- As 
always, if you wish to 
support Music Kitchen 
and the "Forgotten Voices" 
project, please click here:
Warmest Regards,

Music Kitchen Photo by 
Gregory Routt

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