Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nigerian Composer, Organist and Professor Fela Sowande Was Born May 29, 1905; Recent Comments Have Brought Interesting Facts to Light

Fela Sowande in 1946 Theatre Organ World (From Alan Ashton)

Singer Adelaide Hall and Fela Sowande on cover of ASV LP Record Label
(From Alan Ashton)

The Nigerian composer, organist and Professor Fela Sowande (1905-1987), is featured at and is regularly featured on AfriClassical Blog, from which we have selected some recent examples which highlight the essential role of contributions we receive from website visitors and blog readers:

Undoubtedly the most newsworthy post on Fela Sowande in the past 12 months is this one on November 26, 2012:  Fela Sowande Plays 3 Popular Tunes on Hammond Organ in .mp3 Files at

The final Sowande post of 2012 was Marcus Hartmann's review of a performance in Germany of Fela Sowande's landmark work, African Suite, and appeared on December 30: Review of Upper Swabian Chamber Orchestra in Germany: 'highlight of the concert was the African Suite for string orchestra and harp'

For Fela Sowande, the present calendar year at AfriClassical Blog began with a post on January 11, 2013:  Byron Hanson: Fela Sowande's Work 'Six Nigerian Miniatures' Was Commissioned by Thor Johnson and Premiered at Peninsula Music Festival August 14, 1960

On March 8, 2013 we posted a fascinating invitation by Michael S. Wright of the U.K:  Examples invited on "temperament and musical intervals" outside Western Classical Music

As we celebrate Fela Sowande's birthday, we reflect with gratitude on those whose well-documented comments have added to the available body of public information on the life and work of a Nigerian musician, composer and scholar whose biographer Bode Omojola has given him the title Father of Modern Nigerian Art Music.  

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