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Gene Pritsker: "CD Release Concert for 'Samplestra' this Thursday @ Drom"; 'All proceeds from this concert will go directly to the Dave Gotay fund

Dave Gotay, Cellist for Harlem Chamber Players

On Friday, May 17, 2013 AfriClassical posted: Harlem Chamber Players: Please Help Cellist Dave Gotay Fight Cancer

Gene Pritsker writes:

Hi folks
I would like to invite you to my CD release concert for my new album 'Samplestra'. 
Advance tickets are $10 ($15 at the door) 
All proceeds from this concert will go directly to the Dave Gotay fund, to help our friend in his time of need
Composers Concordance Records
presents the CD Release Concert for
the Electro - Acoustic music of Gene Pritsker
Thursday, May 23rd, 9:30pm 2013
85 Avenue A  New York, NY 10009
(212) 777-1157

Tickets: $10 adv and $15 at door - Ticket Purchase Includes the new cd 
For more information, contact:
Composers Concordance Records 
646 522 9442  
Composers Concordance Records celebrates its May 2013 release of Gene Pritsker's new album: 'Samplestra', an album of the Electro - Acoustic music .
"Samplestra is the name I give to any prerecorded elements in my music. I see it as an orchestra of samples, since I use little fragments of pre existing music or sounds and manipulate them to my own composition. I treat these samples as found objects to write new music with. This CD represents 14 compositions that use Samplestra in combination with solos or small chamber ensembles ."
The concert will feature performances by: Edmundo Ramirez - Viola D'amour, Franz Hackl - trumpet, Michiyo Suzuki - clarinet, Margaret Lancaster - flute, 
Cesare Papetti  - percussion, Borislav Strulev - cello, Greg Baker - guitar, Lynn Bechtold - violin, John Clark - horn
You can sample music  from the album and learn more about it here:
The Album has received some great  Reviews: 
"'Samplestra' combines electronic samples with classical instruments... The result is fascinating. This is contemporary classical music at its best. I love it."
-  United-Mutations. May,  2013
"As music, which ultimately we of course evaluate anything new on the basis of, it hangs together remarkably well. Don't try to pin it down stylistically but let it take you where it may. If you do that you will find an enormously stimulating program. This is the sort of thing Gene has been working on for some time, and he has gotten extraordinarily adept at juggling the elements and making it all very cohesive and very musical. Brilliant!"
-  Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review May 2013
"His expressive reach is so wide as to encompass everything from ethno/techno, rock/jazz fusion, classical opera and more, and it all seems to be effortlessly integrated within his anima and comes out through different facets of his persona. You could almost see him as a modern day renaissance man. Most of the music on this new CD is fast-paced, frenetic, driven by nervous energy and always fleshing out details like an overclocked cpu. Traces of Fripp, Bruford, Weather Report, Bryars, Zappa, are vaguely present within the mesh of his music, but never copied, just simply evoked. And when Gene Pritsker comes up for air, slows down, and lets his expressive side take over, as in the slow movement of Electrically Tragic, truly evocative and moving music comes to the surface."
- Classical Music Sentinel, Jean-Yves Duperron - May 2013

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