Friday, May 31, 2013

50th Anniversary 'SYMPHONY of BROTHERHOOD' Concert will revisit 'URBAN CLASSICAL: The Music of Ed Bland' for theme music

Urban Classical: The Music of Ed Bland

John Malveaux of writes:

MLK Jr 50th Anniversary 'SYMPHONY of BROTHERHOOD' Concert will revisit URBAN CLASSICAL The Music of Ed Bland for theme music. Over thirty years, John Malveaux developed a pilot for a monthly classical music radio program dedicated to recordings of neglected composers of African descent. The pilot was titled "ACROSS THE LINE" and it was previewed/shopped to NPR stations via NPR uplink. The pilot included an interview with composer Ulysses Simpson Kay. The number of interested stations was insufficient to continue financing the project. 

Composer Ed Bland earlier granted me permission to use music from PIECE FOR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA on his URBAN CLASSICAL cd. I was only attracted to the first several opening bars that grabbed my attention and found the entire piece very confusing. Ed said "It contains the kind of focused energy one imagines exist at the synapse, the point at which the nervous impulse passes from one neuron to the next in the human nervous system."

The first several bars of Ed Bland's PIECE FOR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA found on the Cambria label will be the opening and closing theme for MLK Jr. 50th Anniversary 'SYMPHONY of BROTHERHOOD' Concert.  Please visit Ed's bio at look to bottom left for player of music....this is PIECE FOR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA

John Malveaux

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