Wednesday, August 22, 2012

John Malveaux: 'Professor Waites is currently raising funds for studio completed forthcoming CD'

[Along The Western Shore; Althea Waites, pianist; Althea Waites and Mark Uranker, duo-pianists; Cambria CD-1141 (2003)]
John Malveaux of comments on a post on AfriClassical on August 21, 2012: "Pianist Althea Waites in Faculty Recital at California State University Long Beach 4 PM Sept. 23, 2012."  He writes:

Professor Waites is currently raising funds for studio completed forthcoming CD to include compositions by African American composers John W. Work, Duke Ellington, and Jeremiah Evans.

Althea Waites also wrote to us of the recording, on August 20, 2012:

"And finally, after many delays and setbacks, my recording of music by American composers is done. I am still trying to raise funds for duplication of the CD, which is a considerable challenge, regardless of the economic climate. I will fill you in with details soon."

"At this point, I am still trying to raise at least $1700 to cover duplicating costs for the CD, and if you know of any possible donors who may be interested in my project, please direct them to my website (, where they can get information about my work."

On Jan. 22, 2012 AfriClassical posted an interview we had done with Althea Waites on Jan. 16, 2012.  Here is an excerpt in which her forthcoming recording is discussed:

Are there any hints that you'd like to give us about the third recording?
Yes, I would be happy to! I can even give you the title! The new CD is called Celebrations. It is an album of music by American composers. This CD includes two pieces which have been written for me, dedicated to me.
One is by Curt Cacioppo, who I mentioned before. I've been performing his music a lot.
A longtime friend... It is called Fantasy Choruses on This Little Light of Mine. That is going to be on the album, and the other piece was written by a Dallas-based composer, a young man named Jeremiah Evans. It's called Metropolitan Express; a short piece using the urban jazz styles and idioms. They are all pieces which have never been recorded, with the exception of a little encore piece by Duke Ellington called Single Petal of a Rose.

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John Malveaux said...

Excited to report that Professor Waites has secured sufficient money to press 1,000 copies of new recording and she is now focused on sources for graphic design. She is targeting an early October release.