Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fred Onovwerosuoke Announces 'African Federation for Choral Music'

Fred Onovwerosuoke, composer and Founder of African Musical Arts, Inc., announces the new African Federation for Choral Music, also known as Federation Africaine de Musique Chorale:

Bill, the brightest news of the week for me is news of the African Federation for Choral Music which was recently launched in Togo. Their website just went online today, at

Fredo African Federation for Choral Music (AFCM/FAMUC) is an international association for the development of Africa’s choral resources facilitates cultural exchange and promotes international goodwill. Membership offers many benefits and privileges, particularly the participation in international forums for choral competitions, sourcing new choral repertoire and overall development of life-skills among African youth. 

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