Thursday, August 9, 2012

'Seven Nigerians Raise Funds to See Mark O'Connor'

Mark O'Connor and Pamela Wiley host seven Nigerian string teachers at The O'Connor Method Camp in Charleston 2012. (Photo by Deanna Rose).

Musician, composer, and educator Mark O'Connor's American school of string playing, the O'Connor Method, is spreading to educators across the world. Last week, seven string teachers from Lagos, Nigeria traveled thousands of miles to attend an O'Connor Method String Camp in Charleston, South Carolina.

After learning about the O'Connor Method and then fundraising for months, these teachers came to experience training from O'Connor firsthand. "So many people are affected by music in the world," "O'Connor said, "our best American music is transformational. That is the best I could ever hope for. To spread the joy of music to anyone I can--especially the kids."

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