Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dominique-René de Lerma on Soprano Adina Aaron: 'Her repertoire is huge and the youtube samples demonstrate her magnificent artistry'

[Adina Aaron]

Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma writes:

             Having organized the initial phase of my data with musicians whose name begins with A, I began adding the flesh of biographies, works lists, repertoire, and bibliography.  First in my list was Adina Aaron, who had been identified thus far only as a soprano.  I thought this would be easy to complete and I would soon be able to move on to meatier areas like Michael Abels,T. J. Anderson, Louis Armstrong, Marian Anderson, and Cannonball Adderley. 
              The ignorance of naiveté!  Ms Aaron is a young, brilliant, genuine superstar, and I feel as if I were the last person to know this.  She has sung in the U.S. (she was born in Fort Lauderdale), but the major sites of a rich career have been in Europe.
              Those who might be in the same state of bliss, which was mine a few hours ago, should consult the information on her available on the internet.  Her repertoire is huge and the youtube samples demonstrate her magnificent artistry.  For me, this has been an exciting discovery.
              But I most strongly suggest consultation with her expansive interview from Rochester at  This can be of most important significance to aspiring singers (not just of opera) and voice teachers.  Her ideas are articulated with wisdom and enriched with experience, but will be of very great interest to all music devotés.

Dominique-René de Lerma

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