Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Center for Black Music Research: 'CBMR Digest' is online!

The Center for Black Music Research is pleased to announce the inaugural issue of the online version of CBMR Digest.

Morris Phibbs (Deputy Director) and Peter Shultz (Webmaster) have worked diligently and in close collaboration with Columbia College creative and technical staff to bring the online Digest to fruition. Special thanks go to Jehan Abon (Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Services) and Marc Stevens (Senior Web Developer, Web Services).

A primary goal in doing so is to bring its readers a more dynamic and accessible experience. Follow the link to access the issue and let us know what you think!

View CBMR Digest

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Unknown said...

On June 10 1949 the world premiere of "Ouanga" was performed in South Bend Indiana. "Ousnga" is considered the first completely African-American opera. Yet, this was the only full production ever performed, There were concert versions but no fully produced production. Even the auditorium where it was first produced, South Bend Central High, is in great disrepair. My dream is to see a fully produced Ouanga performed again in the South Bend Central auditorium to that end I have started to research not only the production but the climate in South Bend at that time. Hopefully,I can publicize at least Clarence Cameron White the composer. I was a student at South Bend Central and like so many whites ignored this cultural event.