Friday, January 15, 2021

Sergio A. Mims: Your Imagination of Eleanor Alberga Concert Link

 [The link is active through January 15, 2021]

The Imagination of Eleanor Alberga

Welcome to The Imagination of Eleanor Alberga, a four-part virtual concert exploring the life and music of composer Eleanor Alberga. Host Kirya Traber weaves a biographical narrative between performances of music by Alberga and composers who have influenced her. As a part of OSL’s Free Community Concerts, we have collaborated with community partners from all around NYC to incorporate visual art curated in response to Alberga’s vivid music.

Part I. A Garden in Jamaica: Alberga's Early Years

Part II. Bach's "Miraculous Structure": Alberga's Musical Influences

Part III. Imagining the Universe through Music

Part IV. The World of Dreams Shining Gate of Morpheus

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