Wednesday, July 15, 2020 ARTS ENGINES | Aaron Dworkin – With European Youth Orchestra President Marshall Marcus [EPISODE 3]

Social entrepreneur, author and artist, Aaron Dworkin has this week released the third episode of the new arts video series: ‘Arts Engines.’

Produced in partnership with the Detroit Public Television, Ovation TV, American Public Media and The Violin Channel, each episode highlights the perspectives of the thought leaders and game-changers who are creating significant impact in the field of the arts.

In this episode, Aaron sits down with European Youth Orchestra President, Marshall Marcus – as they discuss the inescapable need for the arts.

“The fact of the matter is, that for as long as there have been homo sapiens, there has been art … whether it was people putting their hands on the face of a cave 40,000 years ago … it is an inescapable need … and, in that sense, I would never be apologetic about the arts,” Marshall has this week said.

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