Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cynthia Cozette Lee: The Forgotten Schoolhouse: Share The Beauty of Nature Through Spiritual Poems

Dr. Cynthia Cozette Lee

The Forgotten Schoolhouse: Share The Beauty of Nature Through Spiritual Poems

(PHILADELPHIA, PA-JULY 3, 2020):  Let’s take a spiritual journey into the world of nature, inspiring people and the world of hope and faith through the poetry and stories of Dr. Cynthia Cozette Lee in her new book The Forgotten Schoolhouse: Original Poems and Stories on Faith, Love, Nature and Wonder. In C. C. Lee’s new book The Forgotten Schoolhouse published by Covenant Books are moving poetry tributes to great people like President Barack Obama, accolades to the transient beauty of nature and writings revealing heart-warming testimonial stories.

Cynthia Cozette Lee believes that the value of education and spirituality is important.               She comments,
“Did you have a school library experience growing up? These centers of learning helped us to shape our morals, values and thoughts. Do you remember a place in your childhood where your creativity and imagination could blossom? For me, what led me on a bright journey to learning as a composer, author, poet and librettist was my close association with the libraries of my school, community and church. These positive educational experiences in my life led me along the path of learning and becoming the success I am today as an author and award-winning contemporary classical music composer.”

An excerpt from the poem in The Forgotten Schoolhouse titled Why Did They take Away My Dream School Library? explains about the enriching experiences Cynthia Cozette Lee had in her elementary school library:

…So why did they take away my dream school library?
It was the only place in school where I could be me,
The library room was an enchanting place;
I remember it was where I could never lose face,
I always felt happy and free.
The eBook version of Cynthia Cozette Lee’s book will become available within the next few months.
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