Wednesday, July 1, 2020 ARTS ENGINES | Aaron Dworkin – With Opera America CEO Marc Scorca [EPISODE 1]

Social entrepreneur, author and artist, Aaron Dworkin has this week released the first episode of the new arts video series: ‘Arts Engines.’

In this episode, Aaron sits down with Opera America President and CEO, Marc Scorca –  as they discuss the role of Opera in an evolving nation.

“Let’s think about how we will express our collective joy and creativity three years from now, when we have the vaccine and medical treatments … we need to be prepared to tell the stories of that journey and opera is one of the most powerful ways to tell that story,” Marc Scorca has this week said.

A new episode of ‘Arts Engines’ will premiere every Saturday at 10.00am (EST) on The Violin Channel’s Facebook page.

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