Monday, July 27, 2020

Music Kitchen: Up this Wednesday for Midsummer Night Stream Virtual Festival

We had a great opening for Midsummer Night Stream earlier this week - Thank you to all who attended!  Join us next week on Wednesday for another shelter performance plus a special all composer panel, sharing their insights into their unique contributions to Forgotten Voices. Click below to register and receive the Zoom link for the event!

So, in a nutshell:

Midsummer Night Stream, Music Kitchen's first ever summer/virtual festival-
You can say you were there without even having to leave your living room!

Ok, but what is it?  
Curated, streamed video, a rare glimpse into our actual shelter concerts throughout 2019 plus *Meet the composers and artists Live* in panel discussion and Q&A during the event! The musical program over the entire festival features beloved pieces of traditional chamber music and several of the Forgotten Voices songs.

Which artists and composers do I get to meet?
All of the Forgotten Voices composers and artists who will be featured in the Carnegie Hall World Premiere - See the full schedule below!

Amazing!  I'm new to Zoom, how do I sign up?
Easy 1-2-3!
1. Just click the link below
2. Fill in your name and email address on the registration form and click enter
3. The next screen will show you the event link and you will also receive an email with the link - Click the link! (now make sure your audio and camera at the bottom of the screen are ON, ie without a slashthrough)

I'm a Zoom pro and ready to register!
Please click below:

As always, I hope you will include Music Kitchen and the Forgotten Voices project in your giving by clicking here and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!
Warmest Regards,

Music Kitchen New York City - Design by Jessica Hughes, Photo by Greg Routt

Midsummer Night Stream

+ Meet the Artists Live:

July 22

James Lee, composer
Angélica Negrón, composer
Allison Charney, soprano
Jesse Blumberg, baritone

Program: Brahms A minor Quartet, Negron "These Strings," 
and Lee "From My Heart"
Ensembles: Kelly Hall-Tompkins, Ling Ling Huang, and 
Hector Falcon, violins, Andrew Gonzalez and Margaret 
Dyer-Harris, violas, Alexis Gerlach, Peter Seidenberg and 
Grace Ho, cellos

July 29  - 
Courtney Bryan, composer
Paul Moravec, composer
Kevin Puts, composer
Jeff Scott, composer
Errollyn Wallen, composer

Program: Kodaly Duo 
selected movements
Ensemble: Kelly Hall-Tompkins, violin 
and Peter Seidenberg, cello

August 5
Steve Sandberg, composer
Carlos Simon, composer
Jesse Blumberg, baritone
Ling Ling Huang, violin
Andrew Gonzalez, viola
Alexis Gerlach, cello
Peter Seidenberg, cello

Program: Ravel String Quartet Selected 
Movements, Sandberg "Thank you," Simon 
"A Wonderful Hearing"
Ensembles: Kelly Hall-Tompkins and Ling 
Ling Huang, violins, Andrew Gonzalez, 
viola, Alexis Gerlach, and Peter 
Seidenberg, cellos, Adrienne Danrich, 
soprano, Jesse Blumberg, baritone

August 12
Jon Grier, composer
Beata Moon, composer
Kamala Sankaram, composer
Adrienne Danrich, soprano
Kelly Hall-Tompkins, violinist/
Logan Coale, double bass

Program: Dvorak Bass Quintet selected 
movements, Sankaram "Hooking In"
Ensemble: Kelly Hall-Tompkins and 
Ling Ling Huang, violins, Andrew 
Gonzalez, viola, Alexis Gerlach, cello, 
John-Paul Norpoth, double bass

August 19
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, composer
Mark Risinger, bass

Program: Mozart Quartet K. 590 
selected movements, Zwilich 
"Ubuntu" (*not from Forgotten 
Ensembles: Kelly Hall-Tompkins 
and Ling Ling Huang, violins, 
Yumi Oshima, viola, Peter 
Seidenberg, cello, Ellen Taaffe 
Zwilich, Djembe, Mark Reisinger, 
 bass , Richard Wilson, piano
subject to change

Forgotten Voices
Song Cycle Commissioned 
by Music Kitchen 
With Support from Carnegie Hall
Celebrating 30,000 
Homeless Shelter Clients,
100 Concerts
and The 15th Season
 ~ Featuring Comment 
Texts by Homeless 
Shelter Clients
Set By 15 Composers ~
Premiering One Song 
Each Month
for 15 Months in a 
Selected Shelter
Through May 2020

We welcome your checks at 
the following address:
Music Kitchen - Food for the 
Attn: Kelly Hall-Tompkins
P.O. Box 907
New York, NY 10040
Thank you for your support 
of Music Kitchen -Food for 
the Soul

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