Monday, July 13, 2020

'The Professor and I' : Biography of Milton Keynes Gynecologist an Empowering Reminder of UK’s Powerful Black Population

13 July 2020

United Kingdom – When Professor Dr Christopher Balogun Lynch arrived in the UK aged seventeen, he had just a few pounds to his name, wasn’t dressed for the British weather and the girlfriend he had moved to be with was stood to greet him with her new man.

Fast-forward to today, and Dr Lynch thrives as one of the founding fathers of the gynaecological ward at Milton Keynes Hospital, creator of cancer research charity the Myrtle Peach Trust and inventor of the B-lynch procedure – which has saved the lives of over two million women.

So how did one man move out of poverty to become a world expert and life-saver within his medical field? In a new unofficial biography, Nana Ofori-Atta Oguntola tells all.

Synopsis of ‘The Professor and I: The Unofficial Biography of Professor Dr Christopher Balogun Lynch’:

‘The Professor and I’ tells the story of the inventor of the B-Lynch Suture, the only invention in gynaecology and obstetrics in the past fifty years. It narrates the journey of how a seventeen year old boy arrives on a boat from Sierra Leone to the United Kingdom and proceeds to become a leading medical practitioner and inventor impacting the lives of millions of women around the globe.

His story is one that must not be hidden, not disappear into nothingness but must be told for posterity. It is a story that is not always pretty but it is human.

This book additionally charts the relationship he has with the author from the onset of this project and in the end shows us that ‘Greatness is not the absence of flaws’.

“Dr Lynch’s story simply cannot be ignored,” explains the author. “I felt the need to tell it; to help others realise that their start in life is no barometer as to what they can achieve. I want people to embrace that same spirit that guides Dr Lynch and also do amazing things with their skills. You just have to make that decision, the decision to be the best version of yourself. Knowing Dr Lynch as I do, this is the ethos that has forged every step he has taken and been the catalyst behind his achievement.”

Continuing, “At the same time as we explore and celebrate Dr Lynch’s life, this book also looks at humanity as whole – from both a macro perspective and the perspective of one single black man’s contributions to society. We don’t share enough stories of those with black heritage, and I hope the publication of this book inspires others to come forward and share the lives, wisdom and stories of those who have risen beyond adversity to thrive in foreign cultures. We can all learn a lot.”

‘The Professor and I: The Unofficial Biography of Professor Dr Christopher Balogun Lynch’ is available now:

About the Author:

Nana Ofori-Atta Oguntola is a filmmaker who loves to tell stories, especially stories of under-represented people and groups.

Her passion is telling stories which inspire other people to be and do better and above all to believe in their dreams.

Her passion for Professor Lynch's story to reach other people has driven this project from start to finish.

Nana holds a BA Hons degree from the University of Winchester and an Executive MBA in the Creative Industries from Ashridge Business School/HULT.

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