Monday, May 18, 2020

WRTI: Classical Album of the Week: Pianist Lara Downes Plays Music To Lift Us Up In Troubled Times

Some of These Days: Lara Downes & Friends

Lara Downes met with WRTI's Susan Lewis on Zoom to chat about the pianist's new release, SOME OF THESE DAYS.

By Susan Lewis

May 18, 2020

As Memorial Day approaches, we think of the service and sacrifice of so many to protect our country and keep us safe. Our classical album of the week, Some of These Days, is a recent release by pianist Lara Downes featuring American music about perseverence, hope, and caring for one another in troubled times.

The piece, "Some of These Days" is based on the spiritual, "Welcome Table," which has a line: "All God's children gonna sit together some of these days." 

Lara talked with WRTI's Susan Lewis on Zoom about what inspired her to create this album, and how it resonates today. 

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