Thursday, May 14, 2020

NAACP: A big announcement from Lionel Richie

Legendary Grammy and Oscar Award winner Lionel Richie made a huge announcement on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week—he’s supporting the NAACP and our efforts to address the tragedy and unique challenges the COVID-19 pandemic is putting on the Black community. And now, Lionel and Jimmy want you join them in taking a stand right now.

If you missed the announcement, you can watch it in the clip above.

As Lionel said, the pandemic is devastating the Black community.

We’re losing more loved ones, seeing steeper cuts in our paychecks, falling further behind due to the digital divide in education, and serving in more roles that put us on the frontlines of engaging with the public and coming into contact with COVID-19.

That’s why the NAACP is at the forefront of fighting for our communities during the pandemic. And I hope that just as Lionel is supporting our work, you’ll step up to have our back too with a generous gift today.

Your giving will be put to work helping our organizing and legal teams across the country as they:

  • Fight to expand healthcare coverage to the uninsured and underinsured and demand that safeguards be put in place to combat efforts to restrict Medicaid coverage;
  • Push for increased investments in early childhood education and the expansion of broadband access in rural and low-income communities;
  • Call on Congress to ease the burden of student loans and debt;
  • Hold politicians accountable when they try to mislead and divide the public for their own personal political gain;
  • And through it all, keep our other essential work on track—including ensuring a fair and accurate Census, protecting people’s right to vote and calling out injustice in the justice system.

In solidarity,

Derrick Johnson

President and CEO

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