Sunday, May 10, 2020

DC Metro HBCU Alumni Alliance, Inc.: Happy Mother's Day

Dear Friends,
I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge mothers everywhere and wish every mother in this organization an incredibly Happy Mother’s Day. Whether we are mothers or not, we all have mothers, and we are all touched by our mothers in so many ways throughout our lives.  Personally, my life has been blessed, and I think if you look you will find yours probably is as well, in large part due to the influence of my mother and other amazing women who were like mothers to me.  I know that I would not be the woman I am today without the love and care provided by my mother.
As a graduate of an HBCU, I often think of the important role my mother played in my sister and I choosing to attend an HBCU. We know that parents play a major role in influencing the colleges and universities that their students have in their choice set, and when parents are involved, students make better choices and final decisions. So, as HBCU graduates, let us be reminded on this Mother’s Day of our role in encouraging our children and grandchildren to carry on the tradition and consider an HBCU. Another way we can acknowledge our parents and be that mother figure is to support and participate in the efforts and activities of the Alliance to support to our HBCUs. There are students who need our support and, especially during this time when our colleges are suffering, whatever we can do will go a long way in helping.
Although I am grateful that a day has been set aside to honor mothers, I believe that mothers do so much and put so much love into what they do that they really should be appreciated every day and that we should never waste a chance to tell the mothers in our lives that we love them and to express our gratitude for all they do or have done. Whether our mothers are with us or not, we can still celebrate all the beautiful ways they shaped our lives and the memories shared.
This Mother’s Day, I am going to try and be there for my mom as much as I can during this pandemic even though I cannot spend the day with her. I encourage all of us to think of the most powerful way to show how much we appreciate the mothers in our lives despite the quarantine.  There is an old saying that I believe says it all, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”  There is nothing quite like a mother.
Enjoy your Mother’s Day, and make it as special as possible for the mothers in your life.
Nardos E. King, Ed.D.

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