Thursday, March 16, 2017

Texas Public Radio: University of Texas San Antonio guitar Quartet on 4-City Tour of Cuba, Will Do A Master Class With Afro-Cuban Composer & Guitarist Leo Brouwer

Leo Brouwer is an Afro-Cuban composer, guitarist, conductor and music director who was born in 1939 and is featured at

His music is available at:

University of Texas San Antonio Guitar Ensemble

Texas Public Radio

UTSA Guitar Students Represent San Antonio On A Four-City Cuba Tour

Jack Morgan

March 16, 2017

Four UTSA guitarists are taking their guitars to exotic locales to make beautiful music and represent San Antonio. They are Ashley Lucero, Dan Schumacher, Abram Fernandez and Aaiden Witten. 


Their teacher is Matthew Dunne.

"It's quite complicated to tour Cuba," Dunne says.
Dunne and those four musicians headed to Cuba on Monday, where over seven days they will play four concerts for locals. Pony-tailed, minstrel-looking Aaiden Witten says it all seemed to happen rather suddenly last summer in Dunne's office.

Dan Schumacher says that in addition to the four times they're playing for Cuban audiences, they're also doing a Master Class with Cuban guitar master Leo Brouwer, playing a composition Brouwer himself wrote.

"Yeah, we're going to play "Cuban Landscape, with Rain" for Leo Brouwer," he says.

"In Cuba."

"In Cuba!  And we're going to get to play it for Leo Brouwer. I love Leo Brouwer I've learned probably 12 to 20 pieces of his pieces over the last four years."

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