Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rick Robinson: Great article in the International Musician, a union publication. She told my story in a nutshell, without dragging into the compositions

Rick Robinson writes:
March 27, 2017

Hello Friends,      
I have no shortage of good news this month, including two upcoming shows in the downtown and east Detroit neighborhoods this week.

Let me start with the great article in the International Musician, a union publication. She told my story in a nutshell, without dragging into the compositions or that DSO hired me without audition. Such articles, when they get the facts correct, help everyone understand better why I might give up that wonderful DSO position. I'm uniquely positioned to make the larger revolution bring orchestras together with a larger, deserving public. It is magical when it works and just like a job when it doesn't.

CutTime Simfonica features my own compositions, whereas CutTime Players features convincing reductions of hit symphonic works. The latter is innovation by outreach, while the former is perhaps more immediately relevant to newcomers to classical. My compositions are very personal, so I can paint the story of growing up educated in rundown Highland Park, or how we felt when Dad suddenly died, or how classical music can go clubbing and come away with new music. The original six of Simfonica, I've carefully reduced to four and added light drumming and improvisation, to adapt classical into any situation. CutTime® is just win-win-win, because the music WANTS to be owned by more people.

This month we received a new video of Pork 'n Beans from the new Lake Orion venue. And we learned why we should never shoot a video right after a full concert! Our thanks to 20 Front Street for this promotional donation. We expect to schedule a summer event with them soon. We also upgraded debut audio tracks, adding drummer Mike List to Gitcha Groove On!, Pork 'n Beans and Highland Park, MI: City of Trees. Thanks to Kevin Good for engineering this digital magic that brings our online demos close to how we now perform.

Simfonica engages this Tuesday 8pm at PJ's Lager House in Corktown, our first Classical Revolution Detroit since December, thanks to a gift from Barbara VanDusen. And we have a guest musician coming from Lansing, who wants our help launching a CR chapter there. 

And then Saturday morning 10am, Simfonica plays a family event called I Hear a Symphony at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. These two events are all the more special because we're joined by the new concertmaster of Michigan Opera Theater Eliot Heaton! He heard about CutTime®, loved what we're doing, and brings considerable artistry as a master of classical, jazz improv and BLUEGRASS fiddling! There's never a dull moment with this young man. So don't miss either one.

The next thing to brag about, as if that weren't enough, is the recent website upgrade, which chops up those endless manifestos into bite-sized pages. You'll notice some clearer phrasing too. Please share a favorite page with those interested in the future of classical and symphonic music. To that point CutTime Productions will exhibit at the League of American Orchestras conference in early June; it's first in Detroit. We hope to have a nearby Classical Revolution Detroit event at that time.

Meanwhile, the future for CutTime, coming out of a very difficult year, looks brighter, with applications for various new opportunities flying out monthly. We're also interested in corporate sponsorships to play regularly in Detroit restaurants: it wouldn't take much.

Thanks again for caring. We hope to see you very soon!

- Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime)

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