Sunday, March 12, 2017

Godwin Sadoh: March 13, 2017 is 30th Anniversary of Death of Internationally Renowned Nigerian Organist and Composer Fela Sowande in Ravenna, Ohio

Fela Sowande (1905-1987)
Nigerian Composer, Organist & Professor and
Father of Modern Nigerian Art Music is featured at
Eugene Hancock

Godwin Sadoh
Godwin Sadoh writes: 
March 13, 1987 [30th Anniversary]: Internationally renowned Nigerian organist-composer, Fela Sowande, went on to be with the Lord at a nursing home in Ravenna, Ohio.  In 1965, Sowande specifically requested that one of his own organ works, "Bury Me Eas or Wes" from the Sacred Idioms of the Negro, be played at his funeral.  African-American organist and personal friend of Sowande, Eugene Hancock, honored this request at the memorial service that took place at St. James' Episcopal Church in New York.  Hancock also performed other works by Sowande at the service. 
I honor him with the attached article:
"Intercultural Elements in the Organ Works of Fela Sowande." The Diapason 1288, Vol. 108, No. 3 (March 2017): 23-25.
1.  A book on 100 years of music making in Nigeria.
2.  A concert celebrating Godwin Sadoh's Complete Organ Works in Nigeria.
3. A video recording of Godwin Sadoh's Complete Piano Works, including the captivating Trumpet Concerto.
4. 100-Voice Mass Choir to perform Godwin Sadoh's Choral Songs in Ogun State, Nigeria.

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