Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rick Robinson: 'I play in the biennial Gateways Music Festival [August 14-18] at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester.'

CutTime Simfonica in Detroit with Classical Revolution Founder

Rick Robinson writes on August 14, 2013:

It was the Classical Revolution movement which began in San Francisco in 2006 which led me to realize in 2010 the timing was perfect for CutTime's rich transcriptions and compositions to make a difference, esp. performed casually in bars and clubs, where people discover other great music. So I've worked very hard to put the music out there, even if only by sight-reading. The musicians have been enthusiastic and while they enjoy food, drink and conversation, audiences by-and-large don't seem to mind if it's NOT rehearsed. Using my amplification system, no one misses a thing. And they DO listen more closely to my introductions of music and musicians, which includes impromptu interviews. I was very pleased recently to host the FOUNDER of Classical Revolution, violist Charith Premawardhana (pictured at top) for a week of adventures in Ann Arbor, Traverse City and of course Detroit.

I also subbed with the Grand Rapids and Detroit orchestras, which paid a few bills, but am indebted to Jim B. Nicholson and Barbara Van Dusen for their generous donations which allow me to attend conferences, to purchase equipment and assistance and to continue operating during this start-up phase. The adventure moves to upstate New York as I play in the biennial Gateways Music Festival at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester. Then I'll have a busy week at the Lake George Music Festival north of Albany, leading a CutTime Simfonica dinner concert and some Art Attacks in the tourist district to highlight the festival. I relish these opportunities to reset the context of art music for unsuspecting music lovers.

Other exciting opportunities are taking shape, including a website upgrade, Simfonica's first showcase at Ohio Arts Presenters Network conference in October and a Washington DC debut at the National Gallery of Art on November 6! Also on the horizon are a speech at the next SphinxCon about diversity in classical music in February and a new push to record a debut CD of the Mighty Love Sextet with a professional string quartet. Wish me luck. Better yet... support CutTime with positive buzz to family, friends and institutional directors! And of course consider making a strong donation to CutTime through the Arts League of Michigan.

Life is just too short to put off feeding our deserving communities, when we have so much inspiration to share!
It's time to cut loose with the classical!


- Rick

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