Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Prof. Timothy W. Holley on 'Sonata for Cello and Piano' of George Walker: 'I did it as part of my DMA dissertation, and enjoyed it immensely.'

  Delos 3449

 George Walker and Emmanuel Feldman
Delos 3449

   Prof. Tomothy W. Holley

The composer and pianist George Walker was born in Washington, D.C. June 27, 1922, is featured at AfriClassical.com and has a website at http://georgetwalker.com/

Dr. Timothy W. Holley is a cellist and Assistant Professor of Music at North Carolina State University.  He earned his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of Michighan in 1996, and writes: 


It is good to hear of the recent recording of the George Walker Cello Sonata.  It is a fine and compactly expressed work, gesturing toward a variety of composer's influence while maintaining it own distinct "voice".  The piano score is (expectably) demanding, and the cello part calls for solid technical and musical imagination for the work to be successful and effective in performance.  I did it as part of my DMA dissertation, and enjoyed it immensely.


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