Thursday, August 22, 2013

Georgia Laster Branch, NANM, Inc., 2013 Scholarship Fundraiser Concert 'From Mozart to Porgy' Sunday, September 29, 3 PM, Los Angeles

James S. Bryant writes:

The Georgia Laster Branch - NANM, Inc., in continuing mission to financially assist hard-working, talented and deserving middle school and high school students who are in the underserved communities of the Greater Los Angeles Area who are studying to prepare themselves for careers in the world of music, is presenting their 2013 Scholarship Fundraiser Concert.  Please see the concert flyer and the ticket purchase information.  Your generosity and attendance is welcomed and greatly appreciated.
With appreciation,
Georgia Laster Branch - NANM, Inc.
James S. Bryant, Vice-President

From Mozart to Porgy

Yolanda Mitchell West, soprano - Michael Paul Smith, baritone
Byron J. Smith, piano

Congregational Church of Christian Fellowship
2085 S. Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90018

To receive your tickets prior to the day of the concert, please do the following:
1. Include a note showing your name and where your tickets should be
2. The number of tickets you are purchasing at any of the following levels:
$50.00 - VIP Seating,
$38.00 - General Seating and/or
$30.00 Side/Balcony Seating
3. Your personal check, in the appropriate amount, made payable to:
Georgia Laster Branch-NANM, Inc.
and in the 'Memo:' portion of the check show the number of tickets, at
what price level, being purchased.
4. Mail your request for tickets to:
Georgia Laster Branch - NANM, Inc.
P. O. Box 90777
Los Angeles, CA 90009

(To receive your tickets via US mail, we must have received your check before
September 20th.)

If you prefer, you can pick up your tickets at Congregational Church of
Christian Fellowship on the day of the concert.
# # #

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