Saturday, August 31, 2013

John Malveaux: 'As I watch the...50th Anniversary March on Washington...earlier concerns in connection with Dr. King's death come to mind.'

50th Anniversary March on Washington, August 28, 2013 (Washington Post)

John Malveaux of writes:

On August 28, 2013 as I watch the ceremony in Washington DC celebrating the 50th Anniversary of March on Washington and I HAVE A DREAM speech, earlier concerns in connection with Dr. King's death come to mind. I stopped everything and listened to the entire trial of James Earl Ray. One surprise was he visited Long Beach several weeks before the assassination and took dance lessons in Long Beach. Ray did not have a known source of income and where he received financing is a critical question. For more than two years before the assassination, the FBI wire tapped all of Dr. King's conversations and conference calls with other civil rights leaders. J Edgar Hoover called Dr. King the most dangerous Negro in America. Many of Dr. King's inner circle advised him not to go to Memphis due to the demands in planning the second March on Washington called POOR PEOPLE's CAMPAIGN. The first March was the largest in the history of our nation. The second March was denied because of Dr. King's assassination.
On another note, the first African America City Councilman, James Wilson and a committee, appointed me and a trusted friend as body guards for Stokely Carmichael (also Kwame Ture) when they invited him to Long Beach for several speaking engagements.

John Malveaux (also John Champion)

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