Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kelly Hall-Tompkins: 'Music Kitchen Fall Fundraising Drive is on Now!'

Kelly Hall-Tompkins writes:

Dear Friends of Music Kitchen,
A short quiz:  You know it’s fall when,
     a. The leaves begin to turn magnificent shades of gold and magenta
    b. When you put on that jacket that you swore you had on comfortably just    
         last week, but have  
to run back inside to change to something warmer   
     c. Non-profit organizations start asking you to contribute to their fall 
     d. All of the above
Yes, I want to let you know that the Music Kitchen Fall fundraising drive is officially on now!  There has never been a better time to contribute to the pioneer program nationwide which brings top artists to New York City Homeless Shelters, because in 7 years Music Kitchen has accomplished so many important goals: reaching over 10,000 of New York City’s homeless shelter clients in 63 performances, engaging over 100 top artists from New York City and around the world.  

It is such an incredible joy to share music in this way, for underserved communities that rarely get in to our concerts in the big halls, that more and more great artists are approaching me about participating from outside New York City!  In addition to Albrecht Mayer, the principal oboist of the Berlin Philharmonic, who has performed twice for Music Kitchen audiences, Concert Artist Guild competition winners Calmus, vocal ensemble of Leipzig, Germany, and the Brazil Guitar duo, have moved listeners with their performances.  In addition, I look forward to presenting a piano quartet called EMIC – Ensemble Made In Canada, the members with which I recently performed in Toronto.  

In addition, Music Kitchen has received numerous invitations from around the country to expand to other areas (stay tuned for more news on that!), but a most exciting milestone has already occurred last season- the first ever international Music Kitchen performance which took place at Coeur de Femmes women’s shelter in Paris, France!  Do you remember a time in your life when a seemingly small moment was the pivotal catalyst of inspiration which changed the course of your life?  

I remember one of mine - it was when a string quartet came to my elementary school to perform and I knew from that moment that I wanted to be a professional violinist.  Maybe for you it was when you finally got a loan for that business idea that, despite all the negative odds and lots of no’s you just knew you could make it work, or that teacher that gave you encouragement when you thought you might give up, or the first time you hung your degree from medical school on the wall, or that work of art at the museum which seemed to put so many things in perspective...  

Well, as founder and President of Music Kitchen – Food for the Soul, I have witnessed many moments created between great artists and homeless clients at their wits end, only after the music has sounded, which just may prove to be that shift for many.  In a tough economy, I have seen that the need could not be greater, but also that the transition from agitation to tranquility, if only for an hour of music but often well beyond, is accomplished through music where other attempts fail.  It is often said that people will not contribute to anything unless asked directly -- So I am asking you to give generously to allow Music Kitchen to continue bringing great chamber music – the intimate music of community – to the members of our community who need it most. 
But don’t just take my word for it; see what some of our listeners are saying:
You have recharged my heart in the space of 15 minutes - thank you for recharging my heart, thank you for this journey and this generosity.  It warmed my heart.  Despite my problems, I took much pleasure in listening.  I cried tears of happiness and joy.  Thank you so much Madame Kelly - I am very touched by your generosity and your heart.  May God bless you.  Thank you so much.  Magali
I love your arrival.  I believe your presence has done us much good.  I thank the good Lord for your presence, what you have done and for your wisdom.

Thank you.
Kelly Hall-Tompkins, Music Kitchen Founder and President

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