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Barbara Wright-Pryor: 'Margaret Allison Bonds was a member of Chicago Music Association (CMA) from her youth through adulthood.'

Margaret Allison Bonds (1913-1972), African American Composer, Pianist & Musical Director, is profiled at, which features a complete Works List compiled by Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma,

On October 28, 2012 AfriClassical posted:
"'UNC at Chapel Hill - A Symposium of Celebration: Call for Presentations' on Margaret A. Bonds Centennial Opens Oct. 31, 2012 and Closes Jan. 3, 2013."  Barbara Wright-Pryor is Classical Music critic for The Chicago Crusader.  She writes:

Dear Bill,
How timely.  Margaret Allison Bonds was a member of Chicago Music Association (CMA) from her youth through adulthood.  Her mother, Estella Bonds, was also a member.  Florence Beatrice Price joined CMA upon arriving from North Little Rock, Arkansas and served as was Secretary of the organization for several years beginning in 1938.
CMA has copies of several unpublished works by both Bonds and Price.
Musically yours,

Barbara Wright-Pryor
            Classical Music Critic

  The Chicago Crusader
(EST. 1940)

Comments by email:

Dear Bill, What a valuable service you provide!  Thank you for the great amount of time you invest to keep us abreast.  Musically yours,
Barbara [Barbara Wright-Pryor] 

Thanks for this reminder Barbara!  I hope you will consider coming to be a part of the celebration on Margaret Bonds and her connection to the Chicago NANM chapter!  How fabulous.  Louise  [Louise Toppin]

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