Sunday, October 14, 2012

John Malveaux: 'Georgia Laster Branch of NANM on KUSC Classical Radio'

John Malveaux of writes:

Respect to KUSC Classical Radio ARTS ALIVE executive producer Gail Eichenthal and staff for spotlighting the Georgia Laster Branch of NANM October 19th fundraiser for scholarships and music education during the ARTS ALIVE October 13, 2012 broadcast. Hear podcast at

MusicUNTOLD presented Counter Tenor Darryl Taylor in a memorable recital during 2010 African American Heritage Month Celebration at California State University-Long Beach and appreciate his internationally respected talent. Recently, MusicUNTOLD received a flyer from Georgia Laster Carillon (newsletter) editor James Bryant publicizing the October 19th fundraiser that included a picture of violinist Annelle Gregory. Thereafter, I committed to purchase a ticket from Georgia Laster member Dan Ellen Joseph. 

Annelle Gregory is the 2012 Georgia Laster First Place Scholarship Winner. She subsequently won the NAACP ACT-SO Gold Medal and performed during the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation Concert with a forthcoming KUSC broadcast. Annelle Gregory was not mentioned during the ARTS ALIVE broadcast and although she is pictured on the Georgia Laster website as the 2012 scholarship winner, she is not mentioned as a performer on the fundraising concert. See
Considering youth is 100% of our future, i was deeply appreciative that Dorothy Hayes name was mentioned during the ARTS ALIVE broadcast. As long as i can remember, Dorothy Hayes has been a tireless worker organizing competitions and programs for the Georgia Laster branch. I don't believe any one in the nation is a better judge and motivator of young talent than Dorothy Hayes. Most memorable to me was about five years ago, i called Dorothy with an urgent request that i needed a youth to represent the Long Beach branch of the NAACP with potential to win the NAACP ACT-SO Gold Medal in classical music either vocal or instrumental. She told me about a young man named Otto Ehling who was only a junior in high school but she believed he could win. After signing Otto to represent Long Beach NAACP branch and escorting him to Miami for the national competition, Otto won the Gold Medal in the instrumental classical category
John Malveaux

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