Saturday, September 15, 2012

Violinist Gregory Walker travels through Kerala, India in 'Song of the Untouchable' Monday, September 17 at 7:30 PM, Starz Theatre, Denver, CO

Dear Friends,

Well, it's been quite the long winding creative road - but the local culmination of my collaboration with Chuck Fryberger Films finally arrives this Monday!




Announcing the Chuck Fryberger Films Denver Premiere
Song of the Untouchable
Monday, Sept 17 - 7:30pm - Starz Theater 12 (Denver, Colorado) - Free
Song of the Untouchable is an adventure story profiling the journey of Gregory Walker, a classically educated violinist, as he travels through the picturesque Kerala region of India meeting new friends,
renewing old acquaintances, and learning the challenging melodic and rhythmic variations in the rich tradition of Indian music.
While on the surface the film takes the form of a musically-driven travelogue where we get to see Gregory traveling by plane, car, boat, taxicab, and on foot, the story is truly one of self discovery and renewal.
Gregory sets out on a personal journey to answer the
question: 'how far do you have to go for inspiration?'
Gregory's entire journey of thousands of miles is eventually distilled into a short collection of just 13 simple notes - which he, Devin Patrick Hughes, and the Boulder Symphony Orchestra bring back to life in Song of the Untouchable for Electronic Violin and Chamber Orchestra. This final director's cut, reordered, titled, with extra footage and music after last September's interactive test audience screening, has been acquired for European and Asian markets by Ampersand, the French production and distribution company.

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