Monday, September 24, 2012

John Malveaux: 'Eric De Weese, Gail Eichenthal and I shared a dinner evening with traveling artists'

John Malveaux of, Co-Producer of the 150th Anniversary Emancipation Proclamation Concert, writes:

Donnie Ray Albert, George Shirley, Latonia Moore, Sanford Allen, Jammieca Mott and Nokuthual Ngwenyama arrived  at LAX on Thursday Sept 20th and were transported to Millennium Biltmore Hotel. Richard Thompson and Annelle Gregory drove to Los Angeles and joined them at the Hotel until all departed on September 23rd. 

Eric De Weese (General Manager KUSC), Gail Eichenthal (Executive Producer KUSC-Los Angeles and KDFC-San Francisco, and I shared a dinner evening with traveling artists. Friday rehearsals and performances required shuttling between AT&T Center Theater and Hotel. 

A sound shell (reflected) was erected on the AT&T Center Theater to benefit audio recording for future broadcast before Saturday's soundcheck. Rehearsals and performances also included Los Angeles area pianist Althea Waites and Polli Chambers-Salazar. The spirit of artist cooperation was contagious. 

Gail Eichenthal and I joined Donnie Ray Albert, Sanford Allen, Annelle Gregory, Latonia Moore, Jammieca Mott, Nokuthula Ngweyama, George Shirley, Richard Thompson and guest of artist for post concert drinks and appetizers at the hotel. I overhead Sanford Allen's guest Bob Watt speaking about challenges of finding a publisher or self publishing. Bob Watt was LA Phil's first black musician. Donnie Ray Albert left to begin rehearsals with Edmonton Opera and Latonia Moore left to begin rehearsals with Dallas Opera.

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