Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fine Arts Office of Detroit Public Schools seeks Orchestra Director for Cass Technical High School

[Cass Technical High School, Detroit]

Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma, http://www.CasaMusicaledeLerma.com, forwards this email from Marc Haas:

Dear friends, colleagues and alumni

It has been just over a year since I retired from Cass Tech.  During that time, the position of orchestra director remains unfilled, and the students have been without a teacher for over a year.

The Fine Arts Office of Detroit Public Schools has been actively searching for someone to fill the position.  It was thought that someone had indeed been found to take the position, and to start this semester, but things have fallen through with that individual, and that will not be happening.  Therefore, DPS is still actively seeking to fill this position.

If you know of anyone who is qualified and interested in taking the position of orchestra director at Cass Tech, please have them contact:

Willie McAllister
Director, Office of Fine Arts Education
Detroit Public Schools
Fisher Building
9th Floor
3011 West Grand Blvd.
Detroit MI 48202
313-873-7706 office
313-873-8588 fax
313-421-8261 cell

To those of you who are university faculty, if you could please pass this on to your folks in music education, I would very much appreciate it.  

Thanks!  Here's hoping that someone will be found soon!

Marc Haas

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