Monday, September 24, 2012

Sergio Mims: "I wrote an item about Charles Kaufman's 'Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in America' film for 'Shadow and Act'

[Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912)]

Sergio Mims of WHPK-FM Chicago writes:

I wrote an item about Charles Kaufman's Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in America film for Shadow and Act: 


It''s fair to say, though unfortunate, that composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor is not a household name. Although, during his lifetime, he was, without question, one of the most famous composers in the U.K. and the U.S.

However, this year being the 100th anniversary of his death, there has been a renewed interest in his music. Just two weeks ago, BBC Radio 3 devoted a week long series to his sadly too brief life and music, much of which was heard on the series for the first time since his death.

However, in an effort to bring him back to public consciousness, as well as his important achievements as a composer, the director of the Portland, Maine-based The Longfellow Chorus, and now filmmaker Charles Kaufman, are currently in post-production on a documentary film that he and his choral group produced, titled Samuel Coleridge in America.

It's even more appropriate that Kaufman and The Longfellow Chorus made the film, since Coleridge-Taylor's most famous work, the one that made him an overnight celebrity in the U.K., was his massive cantata for soloist, choir and orchestra, Scenes from the Song of Hiawatha, which was based on the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The film is scheduled to open with a premiere at the Nickelodeon Theater One in Portland, in March 2013, and from there, likely the film festival circuit and then hopefully television.

[Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912) is profiled at, which features a comprehensive Works List and a Bibliography by Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma, We are collaborating with the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation of the U.K.,]

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