Monday, September 24, 2012

IV Leo Brouwer Festival of Chamber Music Brings 150 Musicians from 8 Countries to Havana October 3-13, 2012

Isabelle Hernàndes writes:

Dear friends:

The Office of Leo Brouwer invites you to the IV Leo Brouwer Festival of Chamber Music, to be held October 3-13, 2012.

Concerts, conferences, forums, exhibitions, presentation of records, books and sheet music.

Musicians from eight countries: France, Bosnia, Spain, Italy, Holland, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba.

Over one hundred and fifty participants.

IV Leo Brouwer Festival of Chamber Music

The fourth edition of the Leo Brouwer Festival of Chamber Music will take place in Havana between October 3rd and 13th 2012. 

Named after the renowned Cuban musician, conductor and composer Leo Brouwer, this year’s elaborate event features a diverse program of eight concerts, which will take place in eight venues across Havana. The theoretical part of the festival consists of a series of lectures, meetings and conferences. 

Audiences will be treated to a variety of musical styles originating from all over the world. Each concert, featuring performances by musicians from Cuba and abroad, is structured around a theme with more or less revealing titles such as North America and its Music, Perpetual Tango, From Valencia to Havana and Sketches of Life - to name a few. 

For a detailed overview of the concerts, programs and a complete listing of participating artists, venues and more we suggest you visit (Spanish language site). 

[Leo Brouwer (b. 1939) is an Afro-Cuban classical guitarist, composer and conductor who is featured at]

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