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Sergio Mims at 'Meet Sujari Britt the 11-Year-Old Cellist Prodigy!

AfriClassical Presents an Excerpt from an Interview by Sergio Mims

Sujari Britt May 18, 2012
Music's classical world is buzzing around the globe about the phenomenally talented child prodigy, cellist Sujari Britt. At just 11-years-old this past April, her extraordinarily deep understanding of music and her technical prowess have bought cheers and standing ovations from audiences worldwide.

The New York City-based Britt has performed in recitals and concerts including at Carnegie Hall, at the White House for President Obama in November 2009, and with orchestras around the country. She is the recipient of awards and scholarships such as the Dianne Flagello Precollege Division Foundation Scholarship and the Sidney J. Frank Foundation Scholarship both from the Manhattan School of Music, and the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award, among others.  As a recognized soloist, she is also a member of the JoSunJari String Trio along with her violinist sister Joelle and brother Sunnaj.

EBONY recently had an opportunity to speak with the young star and to hear all about her passion in her own words.

EBONY: You just celebrated your 11th birthday. When did you start playing the cello?

BRITT: Well, I started to learn and to perform classical musical when I was two years old on the piano. I moved on to the guitar and violin when I was about three or four years old. But when I heard cellist Yo Yo Ma play Camille Saint-Saens’ The Swan (from his orchestral work The Carnival of the Animals) I fell in love with it, and from that moment I wanted to play that instrument. I wanted the cello. I actually begged my parents to please let me play the cello.

EBONY: So why do think it was the cello that spoke to you more than any other instrument?

BRITT: I think that the cello’s voice resembles my own strong voice and I wanted to communicate through it, to share with anyone who will listen. It’s the strength of the voice of the cello. You can really put emotion into the sound.

EBONY: You mentioned Yo Yo Ma. Is he one of your musical idols?

BRITT: Yes, as a matter of fact he inspires me, as do a handful of other accomplished musicians. I’m inspired by my cello teacher Marion Feldman because she encourages me and recognizes and corrects my mistakes and helps me to figure out the message I’m telling with my music. She really cares about me and my progress and that helps me to want to do my best.

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