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Haitian Composer and Pianist Ludovic Lamothe, 'The Black Chopin,' Was Born May 12, 1882

[TOP: Ludovic Lamothe CENTER: Fleurs d`Haiti, 10 Selections de Piano par Ludovic Lamothe Compositeur; Disques Victor BOTTOM: Valses to Voodoo: Piano Music of Haitian Composer Ludovic Lamothe; Joshua Russell, piano (2010) (44:06)]

Ludovic Lamothe is one of Haiti's most renowned classical composers. He was born in Port-au-Prince, his country's capital, on May 12, 1882. Both of his parents were pianists, and Ludovic took his first piano lessons from his mother. Vodou Nation: Haitian Art Music And Cultural Nationalism, written by Michael Largey, and published by The University of Chicago Press (2006), is an important reference source for his music.

Ludovic Lamothe is profiled at which features a comprehensive Works List by Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma,  The CD Valses to Voodoo can be ordered for $15 plus shipping at Joshua Russell's website,

An earlier CD which is still available is A Vision of Ludovic 
Lamothe by pianist Charles P. Phillips, on IFA Music Records 
(2001).  C-Force, a trio based in the Bahamas, has arranged 
and recorded a 1:34 version of Lamothe's Nibo, written as a 
protest to the military occupation of Haiti by the United 
States.  It appears on the trio's debut CD Tchaka Mizik 
released in 2010.

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Hello Bill,  Thank you very much!  Happy Birthday to Lamothe!  
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