Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Volunteers Remember John W. “Blind” Boone, African American Composer (1864-1927)

[Marshfield Tornado: John Davis plays Blind Boone; Newport Classic 85678 (2008)]

We recently featured Frank Townsell's recording of the piano music of the African American composer and pianist John W. "Blind" Boone (1864-1927). Sandy Irle is a volunteer for in Warrensburg, Missouri. The group seeks to preserve Boone's legacy. Sandy signed the Guest Book at today: "Hi. Great site! It's wonderful to hear the clips! I was curious as to whether you were aware of John William "Blind" Boone's contributions to modern music as a composer? John Davis just released a CD, so you can easily check it out if you're interested. Our recording is from piano roll to CD and very interesting as well! (we are a not-for-profit all volunteer group) Thank you! sandy irle"

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