Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tania Justina León: “Singin' Sepia” Bridge 9231 (2008)

The Afro-Cuban composer and conductor Tania Justina León, who is profiled at, released a retrospective CD this month. It features six works composed from 1992-2002:

Tania León: Singin' Sepia (Six Compositions, 1992-2002)

Bailarín (1998), David Starobin, guitar
Singin' Sepia (1996), Tony Arnold, soprano, Continuum
Axon (2002), Mari Kimura, violin
Arenas d'un Tiempo (1992), Speculum Musicae
Satiné (2000), Quattro Mani (duo pianists)
Horizons (1999) NDR Sinfonie Orchester, Peter Ruzicka, conductor


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