Monday, March 10, 2008

African American Singer Ben Holt (1955-1990) Honored At Casa Musicale de Lerma

[Ben Holt (1955-1990)]

Dr. Dominique-René de Lerma is Professor of Music at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin. His curriculum vita at is voluminous. It indicates, among a vast array of affiliations and accomplishments, that he has written some 1,500 publications.

Dr. De Lerma began his career in music as an oboist. He graduated from Indiana University (Ph.D., 1958), major in musicology, minors in art history, music theory, and library science. Prior to joining the faculty at Lawrence University, Prof. De Lerma was Director of the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College Chicago. Earlier affiliations with colleges, universities and other organizations are numerous.

The Ben Holt Archive is a Memorial to the African American singer who was born in 1955 and died of cancer in 1990. It is lavishly illustrated with photos, and lists many highlights of his career. Antonio Green recounts his memories of a performance by the singer. The website includes separate blogs on Ben Holt and Casa Musicale de Lerma.


Thanks for visiting Casa Musicale de Lerma.

This is a new site dedicated to the research of Musicians who have in one way influenced the proliferation of Black Music throughout the U.S. and other countries.

Additionally, there are some interesting links to the left, which may prove utilitarian for prospective music teachers and students seeking assistance in developing curriculum for undergraduate and graduate studies.

The Ben Holt Series link is of notable importance as it refers to a Musical Series Scholarship program established to assist young, talented musicians of African descent. Ben Holt was an up and coming artist in the 1970s.” Full Text

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