Saturday, March 8, 2008

Comment on Frank Townsell's CD of Music of John W. “Blind” Boone

March 3, 2008

I Support My Community said...

So glad to see Frank Townsell's CD of Blind Boone's music mentioned! Blind Boone was one of the most important pianists ever! Frank plays at the Columbia, Missouri Blind Boone Festival and has done a great deal to bring Boone's music back to life.

A new CD on Boone's music has just come out. "Marshfield Tornado" is the name of it and the Steinway artist is John Davis: website The CD is just out this month and available on amazon. He also showcased Blind Tom on a CD, which is amazing. (did you see him on Nightline?)

Anyway, all of this brings Blind Boone to the forefront, which is right where he should be!!
Check out too. Boone was born in Warrensburg, MO and this park named for him is amazing!

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