Monday, March 3, 2008

University of Washington Presents Ritz Chamber Players March 4

University of Washington World Series
Ritz Chamber Players
Tuesday, March 4, 8:00 p.m.

"[The audience experiences] a wonderfully transparent and direct connection with the artists on stage." The Times-Union (Florida)

Founded in 2002 by Artistic Director and clarinetist Terrance Patterson, the Ritz Chamber Players perform chamber works from the traditional European repertoire, as well as highlight works by contemporary African American composers.

The Players:
Tai Murray, Violin
Amadi Hummings, Viola
Tahirah Whittington, Cello
Terrence Wilson, Piano
Demarre McGill, Flute
Alison Buchanan, Soprano

Handel: Two German Arias
Coleridge Taylor-Perkinson: String Trio
Ravel: Chansons madecasses
Mozart: Flute Quartet No. 3 in C Major, C, K.App. 171
Brahms: Piano Quartet in G Minor, Op. 25

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union issues said...

I personally love the Ritz Chamber Players and have for a long time.
I am so grateful someone is giving them the attention they deserve!
And for anyone who has not heard them, you can go to their web site and visit the listening room.