Thursday, March 13, 2008

South African Composer Mokale Koapeng (b. 1963) Premieres Works in Johannesburg

[Composers, from left to right: Mokale Koapeng, Christo Jankowitz, Angie Mullins and
Annemarie Ferreira. Photo courtesy of Mokale Koapeng]

Two works by the South African composer Mokale Koapeng (b. 1963), Fourever
Colorful and Black and White, Prelude No. 2 were given their premiere
performances by the Wits Contemporary Performance Ensemble at the
University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg on March 12, 2008.
Compositions of Christo Jankowitz, Angie Mullins and Annemarie Ferreira were
also on the program. Mokale Koapeng is the Music Director of the SDASA
Chorale, drawn from the Seventh Day Adventists' Student Association. It
released the erato CD Simunye: Music For A Harmonious World to
international acclaim in 1997 in partnership with the British vocal group I

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