Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Allégresse Trio Plays Music of William Grant Still, African American Composer

[William Grant Still (Photo is the sole property of William Grant Still Music, and is used with permission.)]

Allégresse Trio is comprised of Ellen Bottorff, piano; Annie Gnojek, flute; and Margaret Marco, oboe. On March 18, 2008
Chamber Music Today posted Allégresse: Situated Talk and the Piano-Flute-Oboe Trio Repertoire:

Piano-flute-oboe (PFO) trios are a distinctive orchestration for chamber music. The texture is relatively thin, which lends extra transparency and vulnerability to the sonic palette.”

Allégresse Trio performs much of the PFO repertoire, including Quantz, Telemann, transcriptions of W.F. Bach and Rossini, plus trios by Madeleine Dring, Thea Musgrave, Jean-Michel Damase, Frank Martin, and William Grant Still.” Full Post

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