Friday, July 23, 2021

NOBLE: 45th Annual Virtual Conference - Rebuilding Trust, Empowering Communities: Reimagining Public Safety in the 21st Century


In the wake of this renewed focus on justice in policing, NOBLE
proclaims the time is now for our country to reimagine public
safety. We have an opportunity to truly consider what public safety
means, and how best to invest in our communities to ensure
public safety for all.

Join us for multiple days of insightful sessions covering critical topics, including:
  • The Growing Threat of Extremist Violence and Hate Crimes: What Can Be Done About It?

  • Public Trust and Law Enforcement Use of Force

  • A State of Emergency: Missing, Murdered and Unaccounted for Women

  • The Thin Black Line: The Cost of Being Black Behind the Badge 

  • Police Unions: Prioritizing Citizens’ Rights, Police Rights, and Collective Bargaining Practices

Member cost: $250
Non-member cost: $350

Registration includes: all virtual sessions on July 31 - August 3 and access to the training sessions, exhibition hall, technology demos, virtual networking lounges, prizes, and more.

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