Friday, July 2, 2021

Bill Doggett: Regarding My Radio Lab Showcase on Black Swan Records and Harry Pace

Hello from Bill Doggett

I wanted to share News about a special Project I have been involved with regarding the rediscovery of a legacy of Black Cultural History in the 1920s that has been lost.  It is the story of the 1921-24 Harlem Renaissance black owned Record Company, Black Swan Records and its founder Harry Pace.  This is a Project of WNYC RadioLab and NPR.

I am featured in Episode 1 but more so in today's new Episode #5 {towards the end}

Episode 5 is about the important Black tenor, Roland Hayes . This is an exceptional Episode

Baritone Robert Sims and Christopher Brooks of Virginia Commonwealth University both-authors of the important 2014 biography on Roland Hayes, Tim Brooks, Terrance McKnight and myself are also featured in specific contextualization.

The Negro Spiritual, WERE YOU THERE is a center piece that acts as metaphysical Narrative device as are the historic recordings of Roland Hayes and the new recordings of iconic Hayes Spirituals performed by Robert Sims.


I recorded over 3 hours of highly nuanced contextualized conversation late Summer and Fall 2020 way beyond what I am "quoted in/featured".

The good news is that I call attention to the importance of preservation, story telling and being a role model to engage other African Americans to value, seek out and own their cultural history in recorded sound in a field where there are few African Americans active and interested in owning and preserving their history in recorded sound.

I have promoted the knowledge and awareness of this rich recorded legacy through my contextualized Mini Lectures on my YouTube channel done during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Let us know what you think...


Bill Doggett

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