Monday, December 14, 2020

Kevin Scott: Update on "Night Journey" Premiere

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott writes:

Hello, all! 

A quick update on the world premiere of my new composition Night Journey for Horn, Violin and Piano: The date of the virtual performance of this work is now scheduled for February 2d, not February 1st, of next year. The time remains the same - 5:00 p.m.

Also on the program is the world premiere performance of my brief composition In a Minute, Harold... for unaccompanied viola. The performers for this program are violinist/violist Dan Hyman, hornist Jeanine Nagao and pianist Leonard Lehrman. The concert will also include music by Adele Berk, Catherine Neville, Jeanne Singer, Hale Smith and Mira J. Spektor and will end with Brahms' Horn Trio.

A follow-up announcement including a link for this virtual concert will be sent out on my next mailing in January. 

Thank you, and I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to 2021!


Kevin Scott


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